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-Join 'David1102’s friendschat if clan members wish to participate in Warbands.

-A roster will be made for players who wish to be in the Warbands events.

-The typical gear setup for our Warbands is Royal with Rune C'bows and a Team-30 cape.


-At least one member from the Warbands team needs to remind clan members in cc when the event will start and who’s friend chat to join.

-5 minutes before the event starts we ask all those participating to find their own world and to call out the world, location, and tents.

-Once a player finds an easy world, we will all hop to that world to raid tents.

-You can't teleport with the loot in your possession or you will lose it, nor can you world hop.

-You can raid only 3 tents a day & each person can carry a total of 25 supplies per camp.

-David1102 is a poopie headed noobface.

-You cannot return to the same location if you have already looted that tent successfully or died trying.