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Admin Expectations

  1. Actively Social To Clan Mates & Overall Community.
  2. Setting An Example For New Players To Follow. Ex: Capping, Grouping, Co-Bossing, Being Helpful, And Teaching Clan Mates.
  3. If Someone Asks For Help, Do Whatever Is In Your Power To Answer Him/Her And Help That Player Grow. (Treat Others How You'd Want To Be Treated - T.O.H.Y.W.T.B.T)
  4. Actively Try To Grow The Family Whether It Be Group Events, Socializing, Or Recruiting. Always Remember To Have Fun; Remember This Is A Family, Not Just A Clan.
  5. A Weekly Admin Meeting Is M A N D A T O R Y.
  6. Sharing a photo of every poo you take is recommended.